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Organic Chemistry, General Biology, Community Garden, Work, Oh MY!!!

I know, I know!  Where have I been?  My last solid post was literally last year! 

Well, I’ve been quite busy.  Between school (who knew I would love organic chemistry), work, volunteering at a hospital, and working the steps to setting up a community garden in my neighborhood, something was bound to fall and sadly, it was my three year old baby!

Yes, my blog is now three years old!  That is actually not a surprise to me!  I love challenges and writing this blog certainly presented itself as a major, albeit fun and exciting, challenge!

When I first started this journey, I wanted to write about home cooking, share restaurant reviews, and food stories.  I will still have those parts because I want to elevate them just a little (along with the layout)!  But since currently I have wonderful food and nutrition experiences, I will need to make room to share.

First: The community garden!

Photo taken by moi at the Grand Army Farmers Market in Brooklyn

Why a community garden now?  As I previously mentioned in prior posts, I worked at farmers markets last summer and most of the markets were in or right by community gardens!  I loved how these gardens facilitated access to fresh produce and nutritional programming!  I figured the time was overdue for a community garden that really exemplifies community involvement, community building and most importantly fresh fruits and vegetables in my neighborhood!  Just take a look at some pics of the “fresh” produce in some of the markets in my neighborhood.  

Wouldn’t you agree an additional community garden is needed?

"Fresh" Persimmons!

Not exactly watering at the mouth!

These are the kinds of grapes you throw at someone’s head, not in your mouth!

Get a closer look!!

Community gardens are vital to the resilience of any community and hopefully I can be a part of that resilience in my community with the community garden I would like to begin.  

I am not alone in this project.  I am getting great insight and support from 596 Acres,, a wonderful tool to assist those interested in converting city or private owned land into green spaces and from NY Community Garden Coalition, a network of community gardens from all five boroughs!  

It certainly isn’t easy but already very rewarding.  I am meeting all types of people interested in food production, nutrition, sustainable food systems, cooking, etc. and it is a great learning experience.  

If you are interested in following the progress, then please feel free to track it at

That’s all for now!  Next up I will tell you about the very touching and humbling experience of volunteering at a hospital where I speak with chemotherapy patients about nutrition and health related topics!!

Until next time!!!!

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While most people were eating turkey for Thanksgiving, I took the opportunity to re-do my roast chicken.  From my last roast chicken post, I wasn’t too happy.  I followed Thomas Keller’s method and though his method is very simple, my chicken didn’t look as good as his chicken.

So here is my little roast chicken!!!!!  I smothered the outside and under the skin with butter.  I made my own seasoned salt with paprika, onion powder, sugar, black pepper, and cayenne pepper and generously sprinkled all over and inside the chicken.  Lastly, I did stay with throwing some sprigs of thyme inside the bird and sprinkling some on top.  I baked for 1 hour at 450 degrees then lowered the temperature to 300 and bake for another 30-45 minutes.

And it came out so splendid!!  I think I will keep!  Yum!!

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Korean Comfort Food!!! ~ 맛이 있어요 / 아주 맛있었어요 (It’s Delicious)

My favorite class of food is COMFORT FOOD!

Since I was born in the USA, my favorite American style comfort foods that I adore are:

Macaroni and cheese

Mashed Potato and gravy

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Potato Salad

Since my family hail from Liberia, my favorite Liberian style comfort foods that I adore are:

Chicken or Fish Gravy

Fufu and Pepper Soup

Palm Butter

Joloff Rice 

Actually the list can go on and on and on…….

But the beauty of living in NYC is I get to try comfort foods from various cultures!!

One of my favorite eating spots in the city is Woorijip!  It is located on the tastiest way in NYC; Korea Way or 32nd between Broadway and Fifth Avenue!

Why do I love this place?  The food is EXCELLENT!  Seriously!  They have a buffet and offer really inexpensive lunch boxes!

Some items from their buffet!  Don’t judge me but I had three styles of protein; Stewed Pork, Sweet n’ Sour pork, and Grilled Steak.  Three types of carbs; Kimchi Fried Rice (my absolute favorite), Clear Noodles, and Cold Noodles (the white noodles).  And lastly, steamed bok choy!

Another day I came for just Clear Noodles with Vegetables for lunch!  Very filling and only $4!

This place is very popular.  From Noon to 2 pm, the lines are extremely long and you must share tables with other patrons!  Trust me, it is all worth it!

There are an array of choices.  The lunch boxes include grilled steak, different noodle styles, honey chicken and garlic chicken.  They have soups, salads, sushi, and have a grocery style area where you can choose other options.

Garlic Chicken and Rice!!!

All types of goodness!! 

The 2 block stretch is mainly Korean restaurants but you can definitely see other restaurants like Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese!  You will definitely have a great time in the area!!!  HAPPY EATING!!!

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October was Cooking Fool Month!!!


Roasted Pumpkin!


Roast Pumpkin Soup!


Apple Sauce at the Market!!!  Just apple, cinnamon and a touch of lime/lemon juice but to pizzazz it up add ginger, vanilla extract, cloves…et cetera…..

Just bananas, ginger, eggs, and oil then add……


rice flour and oats to make.,…..


Delicious Oatmeal Banana Cookies!!!  A great gluten free snack!


Homemade Caesar Salad!! (recipe from the Joy of Cooking cookbook)

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